Who we are

London’s houseshare experts since 2006. We provide void-free, hassle-free, guaranteed returns to London property owners while creating beautiful, rooms-based accommodation for working professionals.

We are incredibly passionate about creating industry-leading houseshare experiences for London’s professionals.  Our tenant recommendations speak for themselves. Kingdom properties come with superfast Wi-Fi, in-house cleaners, fantastic furnishings and fully-vetted professional housemates. We take away all the hassle of a houseshare and leverage the decade and a half’s worth of experience that we have in the sector to ensure smooth-running houses and very happy homes.

We are equally passionate about removing all of the fees, headaches and poor service levels so often experienced by landlords, while protecting protecting their returns. Please visit the ‘Landlords’ section of our site to find out more about how we achieve this.

Benefits for tenants

  • Gorgeous properties
  • Excellent amenities
  • Highly efficient property management
  • The knowledge that you are living with vetted professionals

Benefits for landlords

  • Void-free, guaranteed returns
  • Peace of mind in knowing that your building is being brilliantly looked after
  • Zero hassle factor as Kingdom Houses undertakes all the work involved in operating the property

Company Founders

Dawid and Safia met in 2006. Having had many a discussion together and shared ideas about housesharing and life ambitions Safia was promptly brought on board as COO. Since then she has been instrumental in the growth and improving the quality of both of service and our houses. Together they great expanded what is known as Kingdom Houses. Safia has been a champion for higher quality fixtures, fitting, furnishings, and properties!

Safia Davies

Safia Davies
Chief Operating Officer

Safia entered the UK workforce as a sales assistant working with Swarovski Crystals in Central London. Even though she had worked her way up to being an Assistant Manager, there was still something missing. After living in the first-ever Kingdom House she discovered her love for property and found herself intrigued at what Kingdom Houses can offer to both Landlords and Tenants. It was a turning point in her career and she’s never looked back since.

Dawid Joubert
Managing Director

Born in South Africa Dawid came to the UK and worked as a web developer with ambitious plans to build his career. In 2006 he founded Kingdom Houses while working his full-time job and has built it and grown it organically from being responsible for just five units to over one hundred. His passion for I.T. has not been forgotten and he is responsible for building the bespoke in-house software portal that allows tenants complete transparency of their rent book and tenancy.

Weronika Bojko
Lettings & Management

Having recently joined us since finishing her masters Weronika has already proved to be an integral part of the team. She brings new key sets and specialities that were previously lacking within the organisation and has already shown herself as extremely competent and hardworking.

Kamil Drahusz
Lettings & Management

Kamil’s years of client-facing experience places him uniquely within the firm. A key resource in liaison between tenants, and staff. With the ability to put prospects at ease Kamil can come alongside them and assist them as a friend in finding the right accommodation for them.

Robert Piwcio
Carpenter & Handyman

Entering the UK in 2006 Robert has worked his way up through his impeccable work ethic, attention to detail, and friendly attitude. He now sees to most carpentry and general handyman work including painting, plumbing, plastering, carpeting, carpentry, and gardening.

Daniel Bell
Handyman & Expert

With his attention to detail, work ethic and expertise Daniel is quickly becoming and an expert in his field. His hands on approach and flexibility have allowed him to be involved in all parts of the business including viewings, invento-ies, administration, contracts, repairs, maintenance, refurbishments, and customer relations.

Marius Garmanus
Property repairs

Marius has a wealth of experience working in the construction industry and how he is bringing that to Kingdom Houses. With a can-do attitude, and a no-nonsense approach we have already seen the benefits.

Elzbieta Bednarczuk
Head of Quality Assurance

Elzbieta has been with Kingdom Houses for over six years, almost from the start, and her dedication to ensuring properties are kept in top condition, thoroughly cleaned, and looked after has allowed her to quickly become promoted and work in-supervised.

Boguslaw Karecki (Bogdan)
Quality Assurance

Joining us in January 2020 Bogdan has many years of experience doing hotel cleaning and janitorial work. So far we have received nothing but compliments and commendations from tenants. We trust he will keep up his hard-working ethic.

Stanisław Karpiński
Tiler & Handyman

What started off as some short-term help on a project turned into Mr Stan always showing up to work, and work always being available. Now he is a part of the team as we benefit from his expert skill in tiling jobs, in addition to pretty much everything else.

Augusto Bernardi
Head of Marketing

The one behind the Kingdom Houses social media accounts. Managing the teddy bear give-away and responsible for improving the image of Kingdom Houses and using new platforms to push the brand further.

Piotr Kurowski

With growing size and need we finally took a chance on a gardener who could take care of all the properties and visit them regularly. An arrangement was reached with Mr Piotr whereby he would visit each property once a month and carry out routine gardening. Having years of gardening experience we are looking towards him to nail this, and keep those weeds well under control.

Trusted Partners

Alfredo Jacobs of Hawk Heating LTD
Gas Safe Engineer

Alfredo has over 20 years experience working for a commercial gas repair and boiler installation company (you probably know their name). Having recently decided to start his own company servicing small clients and residential landlords he has found great success. We here at Kingdom Houses have been blown out of the water by his professionalism and responsiveness.

Mark Macnab of Macnab Plumbing LTD
Gas Safe Engineer

Mark has been running his own gas installation and repair company locally for over 15 years. He operates a small crew of highly trained and experienced gas safe engineers in West London. The precision and professionality of this team has surpassed our expectations on all fronts.