Covid 19

This is our landing page for Covid19 pandemic. You can access the playbook here, and in the main navigation are a few more options.

Watch the announcement video here


Download the playbook here


High level bullet points of The current  Playbook

  • Moving towards a 2IC system to help us manage and collate enquiries.
  • Cleaning supplies will be handled by the 2IC.
  • Cleaning suspended as we wait and see how this plays out.
  • The Instant Notification System is working well and we will keep using it but improve the length of notice we serve for access visits.
  • We will not evict anyone if they can’t pay their rent because they lost their job and we will help people apply for housing allowance. Tomorrow I am helping the first person and once we know the process we will pre-prepare the information people need. Your rent will still be due. Any build up of arrears will be due and payable. We are unable to offer rent forgiveness programs.
  • If you are unable to pay you must apply using the link on our website.
  • We are collecting information for a risk assessment and you will get  an email from one of our staff members.
  • It is optional but will help us help you.
  • Heating will be on during  the  day and the 2IC will be in charge of the temperature level.
  • We are dedicated to keeping the WiFI working well.
  • We are taking steps to keep the DIY going and to limit the number of houses each staff members accesses.
  • Look after yourself and your personal health, then see if you can help anyone else.
  • Help Kingdom Houses by being simply being careful not to create additional repair problems, and especially drainage/sewage problems. We don’t want to attend to clear drains as it’s a super high risk activity, so please don’t flush any form of wipes down the toilet.
  • We will get through this, all of us. We will pull through on the other side.


What is Covid19 and how do we flatten the curve?