Central heating systems

Since we are encouraging all tenants to stay at home and work from home we are also taking measures that people are comfortable. This will come at significant cost to Kingdom Houses (which we will figure out how to pay later – at this point our priority is people’s lives).

With immediate affect we are turnig the heating to run during  the day. It will run almost constantly and will only be controlled by the thermostat (to make sure a house doesn’t overheat). All tenants are requested to kindly not waste energy, if a room is too warm turn the radiator in that room down. If the whole house is too warm talk to the house’s 2IC who has authority to make adjustments to the  central thermostat.

Actions Kingdom  Houses have taken:

  • Turned all heating to run during the day and only limited by the thermostat
  • Authorised the 2IC to make adjustments to the thermostat controller and to coordinate between the tenants that 1 room doesn’t steal all the flow (by turning their radiator up too high)

Actions  you must take

  • Please turn your radiator down if your room is to warm
  • If your room is overheating and it does not have a TRV (radiator valve that is adjustable) get in touch with your 2IC who will collate all the rooms that need attention and raise it to our attention. Kingdom Houses will then attend to resolve  it.