Internet and WiFi


All houses (except for those below) are with  VirginMedia Business and you can call VirginMedia directly if there is a problem with the Internet supply itself. You have to make sure it’s the VirginMedia Internet that is down and not a slowing of the WiFi.

So only call them in case of a complete Internet outage. If it is a partial outage (one wifi network doesn’t work/the network is slow) please raise a repair ticket on as usual.

UPDATE 15 JUNE: We are available and happy to sort out WiFi and Internet issues. It is critical that we maintain the networks for everyone working from home, and for those relaxing fro home. Please raise a ticket.

Gilstead  Road + Duchess Mews = These are supplied by BT and are in my private name. If there is an outage you will likely not be able to call BT about it.

Elers Road = This is supplied by VirginMedia but is in my private name. If there is an outage you will likely not be able to call VirginMedia about it.

All other properties = You are with VirginMedia Business and can follow the instructions below to call them.


You can check for a fault with the URL below. You put in your postcode and VirginMedia tells you if there is an area wide outage along with an estimated time that the outage will be resolved. If after the time listed there is still an outage follow the steps below

VISIT ——> and put in your postcode

CALL –> 0800 052 0800 and give them the details below


  • Only the 2IC of a house should be calling them so that they don’t get more than  1 phone call from a house.
  • Give them the company name and other details as below:
    • Kingdom Houses EA London LTD
    • Registered office 58 The Ridings, W5 3DR
    • Supply address: Your house address
    • Company email
    • Number on account  07958772611
  • If there is a fault as determined by VirginMedia’s remote assesment please book them for the earliest appointment for which you can oversee the visit.