Social/Physical Distancing

Physical distancing (previously social distancing) is the act of staying away from other people as much as possible. Staying home as much as possible, and avoiding unneeded interactions. The Prime Minister has called for physical distancing. In my opinion (23 Mar 2020) he should have already put London into lockdown as Italy and Spain have done.

Without direction from the Prime Minister it is up to you to be sensible. The facts are clear:

  • Some carriers of the virus are asymptomatic – That means they don’t know they have it, and they don’t show it.
  • In an HMO (Shared House) you expose all your housemates to everyone you visit
  • Having a guest over (even taking them privately into your room) exposes yourself and all your flatmates to that person
  • You may have a flatmate that is vulnerable such as a smoker or asthma sufferer. They could suffer serious harm even if they are young.


  • Do not have guests visit Update: Since 24 March London is in lockdown and you are prohibited from having guests completely
  • Do not throw a party except with your existing housemates
  • Do not have overnight people (if you have a gf/bf move them into your place permanently or move into theirs permanently – but stop cross contaminating houses)
  • Wash your hands the moment you get home (try to do it without touching door handles on the way to the bathroom)
  • Encourage others to work from home and be sensible
  • Only leave the house unless it is absolutely required (To go to work or to buy essentials)

Some things to keep in mind

  • Don’t worry about other housemates (unless they are sick in which case see the other page)
  • Do play boardgames in the house and use the WiFi
  • Do cook food and use this time to learn new hobbies
  • Please shower regularly – just because your boss can’t smell you doesn’t mean your housemates can’t