Repairs & Maintenance

No more late night calls, no more unreasonable demands. We already take care of that for you!

Now let us take care of the hassle, nightmare and chaos that is maintaining a property. Getting quotes, comparing quotes, following up repairs, paying contractors, getting them back when they haven’t done a good job… and on and on the list goes.

Stop. Kingdom Houses already as a massive joint-interest in helping you maintain your property to the highest standards! Unlike a traditional tenant we are running a business and making a profit. To make a successful profit we need your property to be well maintained. So we came up with a solution. We hired the best in the industry and they are available to carry out works on your property at a subsidised rate.

You won’t get the jobs done for the same price. Full stop. Tradesman and contractors have massive overheads including VAT, vehicles, insurance, tools, fuel, and bad accounts. Having done a survey down by the local Wickes we’ve identified the key reasons tradesman have to charge so much money and they are:

  1. Failed access when the tenant is suppose to be in but isn’t
  2. Non-payers
  3. Marketing costs
  4. VAT

By using our own in-house employees who only do repairs we avoid problems 1, 2, 3, and 4. We then pass on those savings directly to you in the offering of a repairs and maintenance service that won’t break the bank.

Charging & Fees

For odd jobs and repairs we charge £30 per hour up to a maximum of £250 per day. For larger jobs we charge £250 per day and this will be on a per quote basis. We also operate the same charging structure for emergencies.

Larger jobs are typically done on a per quote basis and puts you in a position to compare our internal cost to other tradesman.

Fixed priced labour (prices are based on a straight forward job – we will always call you first if the job is more complex):

  • Replacing an appliance like-for-like freestanding (non-integrated) with a new one = £60 fixed fee + Supply cost of the new appliance. Applicable for:
    • – Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers etc…
    • – Full sized fridges, full sized freezers, full sized fridge/freezers etc…
    • – Single ovens (like-for-like only), extractor hoods, double ovens (like-for-like only)
    • – Bar shower mixers (like-for-like – not integrated/not sunk in mechanism)
    • – Under-counter fridges/freezers
      (All gas appliances are excluded from this offering.)
  • Replacing integrated appliances like-for-like with a new one = £110 fixed fee + Supply cost of the new appliance. Applicable for:
    • – Integrated full sized fridges, integrated full sized freezers, under-counter integrated fridge/freezers
    • – Single/double ovens (where size differs), integrated dishwasher, electrical showers,  etc…
      (All gas appliances are excluded from this offering.)
  • Resilicone a shower or bathtub = £40 fixed fee. Subject to tray/bathtub not moving.

Roofing jobs

All roofing jobs and are £40 per hour or £300 per day. We only offer a guarantee of 12 months on any roofing jobs Kingdom Houses carries out in-house, as we are not roofers by trade. A qualified roofer will cost upwards from £600 per day as they have to cover their time spent waiting for the rain to stop.  All roofing jobs will always be a 2 man crew (whether Kingdom Houses or your own roofer) because of safety. So if it takes 1 day to carry out the work then you will be invoiced £600 as two people attended.

If you have a roofer and prefer to use a roofer, we prefer that you use your roofer. We do not like being so high up as it is dangerous.

Gas Safety or other specific Jobs

We have built a network of external contractors for those specific jobs which we do not hold the appropriate training such as issuing a gas or electrical safety certificate. We do not charge commission on arranging these external contractors and facilitate accessing the property free of charge. Gas Safeties are £80 (1 boiler and 1 hob) and full boiler servicing with gas safeties are £150 (1 boiler and 1 hob).

British Gas HomeCare

If you have a British Gas HomeCare or other maintenance policy in place we will always first try to resolve the issue through British Gas before taking it to the next step. However where we have to facilitate access we will charge this at £15 per hour even if it just means being at there to check over them. If a tenant happens to be able to cover overseeing them, then we will not charge for this.

Our process

  1. A stakeholder such as a tenant, the cleaner, the neighbour, our manager or even you the landlord reports an issue.
  2. Someone from Kingdom Houses visits to asses the issue
    1. With a complicated issue or one that needs a specific skill set we re-attend with someone who has that skill set to asses the issue
  3. If we can resolve the issue in-house in one hour we resolve the issue
  4. We provide you with a analysis of the issue along with an estimation/quotation of how much it would cost to resolve the issue
    1. You give us the green light and we proceed to get it resolved
    2. You give us the red light and deal with it yourself
  5. Depending on the ‘John Doe & his wife’ test Kingdom Houses swallows the cost or invoices you directly
    1. You can choose to pay the monies into Kingdom Houses account directly or to allow us to deduct it from your rent