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Kingdom Houses started as an idea in a Starbucks one Sunday evening. It was just after the usual Hillsong Sunday service (most enjoyable too) that a coffee was being consumed by church friends and family together. The discussion came onto the difficulty of finding secure, safe, comfortable, and high quality accommodation in London – specifically the issue of just how bad the situation was in some of the houses out there.

Well it stuck with us. Just how bad things could be. Struggled to comprehend what we heard. Multiple parties every week, smoking inside, and even light drug use. Something had to be done, even if just to re-house our friends. So we started the very first Kingdom House in Cranbourne Avenue. Sourcing the first occupants was very easy – they literally told us what they were paying and what they were getting for it and we secured a house that could house all of them.

From then on they lived in peace and harmony.

In keeping with our roots a large portion (but less than half) of Kingdom Houses still cater towards a Christian clientele and are considered Christian houses. It doesn’t mean anything spooky, it means that the occupants living there are generally all Christian and the houses are quieter and often involve discussions around the Bible and Christianity. Anyone is welcome to move into one of the Christian houses on the basis that you accept and understand the atmosphere in the existing house.

If you are a landlord and you would prefer that we run your house as a Christian house please mention that at the outset so that we can value the property accordingly. Often the Christian houses are slightly less competitive so it will negatively affect what we can pay.

Adverts will specifically state where it is a Christian house and for those houses we expect someone who can fit into the culture without being a disruptive force. If not stated in the advert then the house is assumed to be a professional house targeting working professionals or mature students.