We want to know a bit about you

Hey everyone,

My name is Augusto, it’s me who is behind the Kingdom Houses Instagram account. Managing the teddy bear give-away and am responsible for improving the image of Kingdom Houses and using new platforms to push the brand further.

Kingdom Houses has commissioned me to conduct a study about their customers to better understand the purchasing behaviour. It would be super helpful if you could take part in that, we are a small company and we need as many responses as we can.

Well, I know that it is pretty annoying to answer a questionnaire. However, don’t worry, we have you sorted: Three people will be randomly chosen to get a £30 Amazon gift voucher and 20 people will be selected to receive a free teddy bear (the famous Osito).

The questionnaire will be answered anonymously, the only information that you need to give us is a way to contact you so that if you are selected as a winner we can reach you to “unblind” the submission. While you can put down your email address, it often has your PII (personally identifiable information) in it, we recommend you put down your mobile number.

Terms and conditions:

  • All the information will follow GDPR guidelines, the data is anonymised and we will only be publishing aggregate data after statistical analysis has been run.
  • Only current or previous tenants can apply for this promotion.
  • Osito teddy bears will only be posted out within England, if you are a previous tenant and no longer live in London we may request you to collect your prize or that we can send it to a postcode in England.
  • Each person may only apply once.
  • To qualify for the prize selection you must put down a way for us to contact you – if you want to guarantee anonymity you can put for example a mobile number or email address of a family member. Just make sure they know we may get in touch with them.

If you are ready for it, it’s…

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