Why you should pick Kingdom Houses

See the worked example below representing a small six bedroom house in West London, Ealing. This is a real world example comparing a family let through a high street agent against giving your property to Kingdom Houses.

Regular LetKingdom Houses
Monthly Gross Rent:£3,500£3,150
Annual Gross Rent:£42,000£37,800
Minus annual costs:
Typical void period 1 month:£3,500£0
Annual tenant finding fee 8%+VAT:£3,696£0
Annual management fee 5%+VAT:£,2520£0
Inventory & tenant onboarding:£650£0
Annual Net Rent:£31,634£37,800
Your Monthly Profit:£2636£3,150
Illustrative example. Rental paid for a six bed varies from £2,800 t, £3,600 at time of writing depending on the location, condition size and quality of the home. Larger homes attract a larger rental income. Figures as at 2021.

Profiting you £6,168 more per year or £30,840 more over the typical five year arrangement.