Alert level 3 (July 3)


I couldn’t find the formal alert level anywhere. Reading the definitions we are at level 3 with some things open but restuarants still close.



It seems the government has opened the doors up for people to socialise and visit provided they are a maximum of two people at a time. We are still regulated at that sense and request that customers take precautions and avoid large gatherings or parties.

We cannot give permission for people to have overnight guests or to break the government’s rules. We believe the rules are hard and somewhat difficult to keep to but Kingdom Houses will always mirror the government’s guidelines (or recommend something stricter).

You can have more than 2 guests that visit you in the garden while you practice social distancing – sit 2 meters apart. I believe the current number of people you can have is six at a time provided everyone that is from a different household practices social distancing.

Hopefully being able to have guests in the garden is enough to help with fatigue. Your guests can use the toilet in the house but they must wash their hands and try to be in and out quickly.

What can you do?

Let’s talk about the fun you can have! You live with 3/5/6 other people, surely you guys can do a fun trip together. Everyone hop in the car (rent one if you need to) and drive to a park. Have a picnic.

You and your flatmates are 1 household, you guys can BBQ together, you can visit the park together, have movie nights together. All kinds of fun to be had.

We’ve all gotten tired of zoom and video calls, but perhaps you should try to set one up with your family.

Be nice / Be kind

Please always be nice and kind. Even to those that you see breaking the rules, have patience and some tolerance. The rules are very restrictive and we all handle this in different ways. Often those on furlough are the hardest affected with regards to mental health – it varies.

Remember that risk of transmission in London is very low at this time (15 June) and things are looking very positive, it’s pretty much a given that anyone you meet does not have covid. However we stay cautious and use precuations like social distancing and face masks.

Compromise, listen, talk, and understand each others’ needs. Don’t bully, and consider that even when you right (perhaps the technical kind) you are probably wrong at the same time – life is complicated.