Our fees

We hate hidden fees as much as you do
All our fees transparent and upfront. Fees may change slightly from time to time to adjust for inflation or other discretionary reasons (Last updated July 2022).

Fee structure

Fees are structured such that there are no unexpected or hidden charges. You will always be informed when an action you take is going to incur a fee. Fees can be added to your rent book (if you are still a tenant) and paid for with your next rent payment.

Contractual Fees

Fees and charges relating to your tenancy.

Mandatory contract fees

There are no mandatory fees to secure a room.

Unlocking / New key fees

Should you lock yourself out of your room there will be a call out fee of £25 during the hours of 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and £50 outside of those hours or on weekends and public holidays. If you need a new key(s) issued on top of the call out, then there will be an addition cost for the key(s). It may not be possible to issue you with a new bedroom key on the same day (locksmiths are not open 24/7). If this is the case we will unlock for you and provide you with a new key set as soon as practically possible. Under no circumstances can we give out our last copy of the key, not even just for the afternoon or evening. If it is not possible to cut a new room door key, the full cost of replacing the lock will be payable which usually varies from £15 to £35.

Please also note that it is not possible for you to come to the office to collect the key and make your own copy, this takes even more time than sending out a staff member to attend to the call out. We have also had multiple occasions where tenants then hold onto our only key for weeks at a time.

The phone operator or staff member has no discretion to waive or reduce the fees and the fee will be charged according to the price on your contract.

Transfer fee

Unfortunately due to the pandemic we’ve received a large number of transfers, and these are actually harder to facilitate than a new tenancy. Our transfer fee is £50 (whether in the same house or a different one) but you will need to give a full month’s notice on your old room and you have to sign a new six month tenancy agreement on the new room.

This means if you wait until the last minute to talk to us about transferring then you may end up paying a lot of overlapping rent. If you are thinking of transferring you should get in touch with us asap so we can minimise the cost to you and reduce the marketing work for our team.

You can only transfer once in any 12 month period to avoid it being abused. Your new room will be a completely new agreement with a new tenancy, new check-in and new check-out. We have to reregister your deposit and serve afresh all documents on you. Note that as this is a check-out of your old room a full inventory check-out will be done of your old room and you may have to pay deductions if there are damages or the room is insufficiently cleaned.

Removing a tenant fee

If you want to downgrade a tenancy from two people to one there is £50 administation fee for doing the addendum contract paperwork and updating our systems.

Adding a tenant fee

If you want to upgrade your tenancy from single occupancy to dual occupancy there is a £50 administation fee. This is in addition to the monthly couple sharing surcharge.

References, rent refunds, proof of residence

All administration tasks are free of charge within reason:

  • Landlord references
  • Proof of residence (Useful to open a bank account)
  • Rent refunds – This only relates to rent overpayments, not your deposit refund. For example if you accidentally paid your rent twice and rather than waiting one month you want Kingdom Houses to immediately refund the overpayment, in such a circumstance we need to charge our admin fee. (On the surface a rent refund seems simple but it is really complicated as Kingdom Houses need to run multiple verification checks before we can simply pay money out to a bank account)
  • Copy of your contract (Electronic copy)

Optional Fees

Fees and charges which you incur under specific conditions or which relate to a specific request.

Furniture variation

All our rooms are provided fully furnished unless pre-arranged otherwise. Should you wish for any furniture to be removed during the tenancy there will be a logistics cost which will be passed on to you. Unfortunately we already have our marketing photos, our inventories, and even our 3D Virtual tours. This means removing furniture from a room is not straight forward. Multiple documents have to be updated OR we, Kingdom Houses, have to store the furniture and return it at the end of the tenancy. You can expect to be requested to pay the following depending on what you are requesting

  • The removal of the exiting mattress, storage, and return at end of tenancy – £200 fee
    — The tenant does not need to leave a mattress in the room when vacating
  • The removal of the existing mattress on the agreement that the tenant will leave a mattress in the room when exiting – £100 fee
    — The tenant must leave a mattress when vacating
    — The mattress must be a good quality mattress consistent with our brand, unmarked and unstained, such that it is suitable for the next tenant.
  • The provision of a desk and a chair incurs a £100 labour fee
    — Kingdom Houses will pay for the supply of the desk and chair and will choose one that is consistent with the design and budget of the room.
    — The desk and chair will be added to the room inventory and you will be required to leave it upon vacating.
    — If you are capable of buying and assembling the desk and chair yourself then Kingdom Houses may approve to cover the purchase (excluding delivery) cost of the desk but you need to get pre-approval for the specific desk and chair.

End of tenancy check-out charges

So you are moving out, you’ve damaged the room (probably accidentally, but who knows…). Well Kingdom Housese will have to repair that, the next occupant fully expects the room to be perfect! The includes giving it a professional clean, so make sure you clean it like a professional cleaner otherwise you may be on the hook for cleaning fees.

Repairs costs upon exiting will incur our standard £50 per hour rate. Where multiple items on this list are needed you will be charged at the item rate OR £50 per hour, whichever works out to be cheaper.

Remember Kingdom Houses does not have a monopoly on these repairs. You are welcome and encouraged to arrange your repairs before you vacate so that you are in control of the costs, you might be able to do it cheaper however most likely not. All Kingdom Houses prices are at cost, we wouldn’t offer this kind of pricing to someone outside Kingdom Houses as there is no profit margin on  it.

Painting and/or filler hole in wall

  • £100 for first full wall
  • £50 extra for each wall after

A room is considered to have 4 walls and a full paint out would thus be charged at £250. This covers the walls only and not the skirting, cornices, ceiling, door frame, door itself etc… This may be charged at extra. Where the work exceeds one working day the cost will be charged using the day rate of labour.

Replace cracked window

  • From £150 however as we sub-contract this it will be subject to the actual sub-contractor invoice

Carpet Cleaning

  • £50 for small room (single room or small double
  • £100 for medium room (double room)
  • £150 for large room (king size room)

Shampoo Mattress Cleaning (Using Specialist wet upholstry cleaner)

  • Single mattress £50
  • Double/Kingsize Mattresses £80

End Of Tenancy Cleaning

  • Unarranged – £50 per hour. (Unarranged cleaning is where you do not inform us the room needs cleaning and we find this out suddenly when seeing the room).
  • We do not offer arranged cleaning anymore.

Disposing of waste / left stuff

  • £50 fixed price for small load (Small load is anything that can fit into a Toyota Yaris)
  • £80 + Recycle centre fee for a large load

Replacing a light switch where tenant has broken it

  • £50 + switch cost (Chrome switches can be expensive)

Regarding cleaning: The moment we need to call a cleaner we incur a cost, so even if the room only needs 10 minutes of dusting Kingdom Houses will still need to pay the cleaner their call out fee. As such to avoid all confusion and dramas you need to make sure to clean your room super thoroughly. This means dusting everywhere, wiping every surface down, hoover everything including under the bed, wiping down the skirting, wiping and cleaning the bedroom door on both sides, cleaning the windows etc… We strongly recommend you simply hire a cleaner on the market or via FantasticCleaners – you will pay approximately £50 for 3 hours and have peace of mind that the room was properly cleaned.