Office move – 58 The Ridings, W5 3DR

We have moved office, for reasons. The office is now at 58 The Ridings, Ealing, London, W5 3DR. All letters, post, notices etc. are to be served there. It’s a big double fronted property and you should notice Kingdom Houses logos in the windows.

Why have we moved. We unfortunately the lease on our previous office ran out and could not be extended, in that sense we often find ourselves in the same dilema as our customers – being a tenant! While we would love to one day have a High Street shop front with fancy chairs, big iMacs, and our logo plastered up outside the cost is simply unfeasible.

For those interested a business should budget £3,000 for a small sized high street office (say 4m x 4m in Ealing), then you suddenly have the added expense that a member of staff has to stay in the office at all times so throw another £1,500 (receptionist) on top for their salary, NI, holiday days etc. To fund this one could be tempted to put up rents for existing customers, but that is hardly fair. If rents are to increase they must do so out of necessity, or to improve the service provided (additional cost to pay for upgrades, more staff etc.).

No, no sir we do not believe it is in our tenant’s best interests for us to secure a high street shop front.