Perks & Rewards (how to not love it?)


We value our customers at Kingdom Houses and we are always looking for ways to make their lives better and simpler. Two interesting things have recently come across our desk and we wanted to be the first to tell you about them and how they can benefit you.

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The first one is seriously cool!! Check it out!

Perks & Rewards

Firstly we have a new service which is our perks platform. All our tenants will get exclusive access to certain perks and rewards from a few retailers. I won’t oversell it as you can see the opportunities for yourselves on our page here. But we can give you a taste already:

  • Up to 5% off at Sainsbury – (Imagine what it means at the end of the year)
  • 7% off at Currys PC World (think if you buy an expensive TV)
  • Up to 7% off at Argos (Your new kitchenware can be cheaper than expected)
  • 10% off Specsavers (Working from home and standing all day long in front of the computer, a new pair of glasses can be a good call…10% off!)

Here you’ll find some great savings, awesome prize draws and access to hundreds of money-saving offers and discounts with Vaboo Premium Discounts!

Not even mentioning about the monthly prize draw to WIN ONE MONTH’S FREE RENT

It only takes 20 seconds to activate your account – you’ll receive an activation email on Friday the 9th of April.

Disclaimer: We are paying per customer who takes advantage of these rewards and perks. So please do take advantage and take it well.


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We are transitioning to using Canopy. Rent for all future referencing. They offer a very cool product that allows you to register, via their app, and have your rent payments count towards your credit score. Now I know there are one or two other apps going in this direction but frankly, I don’t like the way they do it. Some of them want to integrate with the estate agents directly which is complex and slow, while others are only building a way to report back the data to credit scoring agencies.

Canopy.Rent will be using this proof of your rent payments to build a Tenant Passport which will make it very simple for you to rent or buy in the future. I strongly recommend everyone sign up with their service and start building your own credit score. Furthermore, if anyone wants to rent with Kingdom Houses we are going to be using Canopy.Rent’s passporting service, so you can refer a friend and inform them in advance that we would be using Canopy.Rent. This allows them to do their own referencing and know whether they would be accepted.

Disclosure: We are not affiliated with Canopy Rent in any way. We just really like their product.

Happy saving & good luck building those credit scores!

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